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Thousand Hills Cattle Company provides delicious and nutritious 100% grass fed beef. They don’t give their cattle any antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, GMOs, or grain — ever! Their cattle live freely on grass pastures and are never confined to a feedlot. They personally inspect and source-verify all the cattle from their network of Midwestern family farms.

Limited offer to Secret Ingredients movie viewers! This bundle from Thousand Hills Cattle Company contains a variety of snack and meal items to get you started with nutritious grass-fed products, including ground beef bricks, New York Strip steaks, bone broth Paleo Chili cups, and more.

20% off a of a package of 3 Non-GMO Shelf-Stable Whole Goat Milk + 1 Non-GMO Whole Goat Milk Powder at Green Goat

Green Goat is driven to connect with goat lovers and to educate about the goodness of goat milk. When you give goodness, you get it back. The quality of their goat milk products starts with the well-being of their goats. Green Goats is also supported by a cooperative of 140 family farms. Green Goat delivers a great tasting Non-GMO Verified and Glyphosate-Free Certified whole goat milk – the first and only in the world! It’s deliciously smooth and creamy with bonus health benefits: It’s easy to digest, non-inflammatory, and WAY more nutritious than any other type of milk providing more healthy fats, vitamins and minerals than the rest. It’s simply the better milk! Go on, nourish yourself!

$25 worth of free organic food samples with a $100 minimum purchase of healthy organic foods from Azure Standard

Azure Standard makes shopping for healthy food easy and affordable. They have nearly everything on your grocery list which can ship directly to you by parcel carrier. Since Azure started as on organic farm and grew to become a healthy food distributor, organic foods are the biggest part of Azure. Any conventionally-grown products they carry are non-GMO. With many gluten-free and allergen-free products, Azure strives to be a safe place for you to shop for your family.

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