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  • This film is a life-changing, health promoting, must-see for anyone who eats! - Andrea L., Registered Dietician

  • The personal stories shared in this film are compelling, truly inspiring and self-empowering for anyone who seeks to heal and regain their health!- Dr. Michelle Gariari, ND

  • The Secret Ingredients movie really changed my perspective, even though I'm a lifetime organic farmer and organic food advocate.- David Stelzer, Founder & CEO of Azure Standard

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We are what we eat! I can say that my family personally experienced a similar outcome with my daughter, as our family went totally organic and non-GMO. By removing the pesticides, preservatives and food dyes, she had tremendous behavioural changes, and our family is so much healthier. We have not seen any doctor in over 5 years, and have no need for any medications. Share this film with your loved ones!


December 17, 2018

Amazing and eye opening doc! I have switched to organic foods now and have eliminated all wheat from my diet! I felt the change instantly! It's so scary how our government is perfectly fine with companies poisoning us. Hey as long as their pockets and bank accounts reap the benefits right?! Why isn't this "trending" all over the news right now? Nothing like some Roundup and Agent Orange for breakfast, lunch and dinner right!

The Kais

December 10, 2018

Well done. Superb! We are already well aware of the benefits of organic and the perils of glyphosphate, untested GMO food, and the corporate behemoths that build their bottom line upon the breaking backs of America's health.

But despite all that, I do buy some GMO food at times. After watching this video, I don't event want to again.

If you care about your health, if you care about anyone's health, watch this video. Share this video.

C. Hill

December 16, 2018